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Adobe has made an announcement on 26th March 2018 for the Adobe BC End Of Life date for March 26th 2021. All the Business Catalyst servers will be taken down on March 26th, 2021, after which all customer data will be deleted. Please export your data before March 26th, 2021.

In their announcement they have mentioned that at this time, all the Adobe BC websites will continue to be live and the public will see no difference in your site. However, starting with March 26th, 2021, all sites will no longer be live, they will not be accessible either to the general public, or to the site administrators. Please find an alternative platform for your site and data before this date.

This sudden exit comes as an immense shock for Adobe BC partners and developers across the globe. The only sigh of relief is that the users have until March 26th, 2021 (it means approx only a year) to find an Adobe Business Catalyst platform alternative and migrate their websites.

What are the Adobe BC Alternatives

If you are an Adobe BC partner or Adobe BC website owner and if you haven’t yet taken this news seriously or if taken seriously and still relaxed then now it’s time to become active, we brought to you few good options as an Adobe BC alternatives which will really help you and keep you calm and relaxed from the worry of Adobe BC website migration.

Following are the most popular and closest Adobe BC alternatives:

Adobe BC Website Migration to WordPress

WordPress is undoubtedly the king of the CMS and Adobe BC owner first look at the WordPress because of it’s Simplicity of Coding, super easy Installation, Content Editing and Expandable Capabilities. World wide community and thousands of plugin support for almost all the functionalities.

Adobe BC Website Migration to WebFlow

WebFlow is also another alternative to the Adobe BC migration it’s because the WebFlow provides hosted solutions just like the Adobe BC has. The security of the code and database is as good as the Adobe BC because of that hosted solution and in addition to that the WebFlow provides Website Builder which helps the website owner to create a website with less effort and skill required.

Adobe BC Website Migration to Treepl

Treepl has recently launched and become the most trusted and very close alternative for the Adobe BC websites. They have made Teepl CMS platform so close just like you are in the Adobe BC’s admin panel. This is the reason Adobe BC has make Treepl as an authorised partner for the Adobe BC Website Migration.

Adobe BC Website Migration to DUDA

This is again like the WebFlow is a good alternative as well, however, it has widgets which help you to create functionality similar to the WebApps in the Adobe BC. DUDA also provided hosted solution and so the security of the code as well as the database is full proof just like the Adobe BC. It has also a great website builder which helps to create beautiful websites quickly.

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SiteGlide is recently launched and become a very popular platform built on the Platform OS. This is also considered as a close alternative of the Adobe BC and most of the Adobe BC partners are connected with it. However, most of the good features are still in the beta or pipeline so some of the Adobe BC website owners are hasitate to go with the SiteGlide. Otherwise this platform is also good Alternative of the Adobe BC and Small Website Owners can thing for this option to migrate their Adobe BC website to the SiteGlide.

Why we - The TechCognate

We are working on the Adobe BC since long, almost of 6 + years and we better know how Adobe BC works. We know most of it’s features and functionalities so we can find the best Adobe BC alternatives as well. It means if you have put trust in us so you are in a good hand about your Adobe BC website migration. We can take care of everything from the Website creation to the Website Data.

We have migrated some of our existing adobe bc clients and they are really happy on the other platforms e.g. WordPress, Treepl, WebFlow, DUDA and SiteGlide. We have migrated from Adobe BC small websites to the Adobe BC e-commerce websites. However, it’s a fact that we can’t take all the data as is if Adobe BC website migrated to WordPress, WebFlow, and DUDA the data like CRM Data, Work Flow data, Users data, Products data etc. At the same time if Adobe BC website migrated to the Treepl and SiteGlide then we are guaranteed to migrate everything to the new platforms.

Adobe BC has authorise Treepl and SiteGlide as their official migration partner and showing them in the Adobe BC’s admin panel as well. At TechCognate we will make sure that your journey to the new platform with us will be enjoyable and worriless.

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